We are a Luxembourg Management Company authorized under chapter 15 of the Law of 17 December 2010 and an Alternative Investment Fund Manager authorized under chapter 2 of the law of 12 July 2013. In 2011 the Luxembourg CSSF granted us the Portfolio Management Licence and the Free Provision of Services Licence.

Management Company authorized under chapter 15 of the Law of 17 Dec 2010

NOVACAP has been able to enter the business of becoming a management company as referred to under Chapter 15 of the 2010 Law through the authorisation granted by the CSSF. Chapter 15 refers to UCITS fund implementation and management.

As Management Company, we are responsible for ensuring the risk management, compliance, investment management and distribution of the funds initiated. We delegate investment management, central administration and distribution functions to professionals with a high degree of expertise. All delegated functions are closely supervised in accordance with CSSF circulars.

We are able to demonstrate substance within our company and a state-of-the-art governance of ourselves and our funds. We prepare all reports addressed to the boards of our funds. 

NOVACAP offers an easy and fast way to those who are seeking to comply with UCITS IV.

Alternative Investment Fund Manager

NOVACAP is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager which means that we can set up and manage AIF funds. Hedge funds and private equity funds operating in the EU funds domiciled in EU and funds being marketed in EU market must comply with AIFM directive. 

NOVACAP is an independent AIF manager that offers you fast and safe access to the market.

Portfolio Management and Free Provision of Service licences

NOVACAP holds a Portfolio Management licence which allows us to offer discretionary portfolio management and portfolio advice to institutional and private clients. Based on this licence we have developed a unique concept for servicing investors and portfolio managers where they are able to select the type of service (self-management to discretionary management) and scope of the service they want to get from NOVACAP. Our investment management, Risk management and compliance services are available on a proactive and/or reactive approach.  


Free Provision of Services Licence guarantees EU companies the freedom to establish themselves in other Member States, and the freedom to provide services on the territory of another EU Member State other than the one in which they are established.