We are an independent asset management company incorporated in February 2007 to create and manage funds (UCITS, AIF) and portfolios of institutional and private clients worldwide. Among our services, we specialise in fund set-up, risk management, investment management and governance, giving substance to the newly created entity for our clients. NOVACAP´s chief value is rigorous commitment to our clients which builds strong partnership over time.

Our team of seasoned professionals hails from different spheres of the financial world, from corporate finance to risk management through investment banking. This unique mix of expertise and experience grants NOVACAP an extraordinary ability to understand clients needs' and be truly flexible when looking for a solution.

Our business model is based on working together with the most skilled specialists: third party marketers, external fund managers, legal advisors, fund administrators, accountants and internal auditors. Taking advantage of the excellent relations built over the years with a network of law firms, auditors and banks, NOVACAP has developed a solid competence in fund set-up including the selection of most suitable partners, the organizational solutions and the negotiation of competitive pricing.

We aim to become your fund partner in Luxembourg