Why Luxembourg

The Grand-Duchy is a competitive place situated in the most productive region of Western Europe.

The country benefits from a highly skilled workforce. The competitiveness of the country is also guaranteed by an easy communication with the authorities and an attractive background of legal and fiscal stability. As a result the country is the first private banking center in the Eurozone and the second fund center in the world: net assets worth 3 528.131 billion EUR (2015)*

The financial sector represents an important part of the economy and the workforce. The financial reputation of the Grand-Duchy comes from the liberal public policies, which act to preserve the durability of the sector. Moreover the regulations allows banks to offer services on the local market and abroad.

The political and social stability of the country makes Luxembourg an important driving force for the implementation of European directives.

Source: ALFI

Plan to work in Luxembourg

The country has a 2,9%* real growth of GDP (2013) and one of the highest standard of living in the world. Luxembourg is a great starting point for an international career, because numerous multinational companies are present in the Grand-Duchy. In terms of work permits for non EU-citizen, Luxembourg adopted a new legislation in 2008 that simplifies the granting of work permits for highly qualified workers. All residents in Luxembourg benefit from an extensive social security system that extends to the family members in the majority of the cases. 

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source: Luxembourg for finance