Novacap Asset Management is working closely with experienced independent directors and skilled internal directors, bringing different skills, cultures and backgrounds in your Fund’s Board.


They are supported in their crucial responsibility by Novacap Asset Management who provides the necessary required information to ensure their independent analysis and decision process.


the directors perform the following functions:

  • Monitor the fund’s processes and the information flows
  • Verify that conflict of interests are monitored and avoided
  • Ensure that investors’ interests are preserved
  • Convene shareholders meetings
  • Coordinate and liaise with all parties to prepare the agenda and the pack for the board meeting
  • Organize the effective board meeting
  • Prepare and circulate the minutes
  • Monitor fund's compliance with the applicable legislation such as EMIR, FATCA, UCITS/AIFMD, legal provisions concerning AML etc
  • Ensure that the fund meets its obligation with respect to communications with the supervisory and legal authorities


Contact us for directorship mandates: [email protected]