Independant Management Company Services

With the experience acquired over the years in the UCITS field, Novacap Asset Management aims to be a one stop solution for fund initiators looking to establish and develop a Luxembourg UCITS IV investment solution.


Within the limit of the laws and regulations in force, depending on their regulatory status and the country where they are regulated, we offer two possibilities. Fund initiator can act either as Investment Manager with Novacap Asset Management acting as a Management Company or as an Investment Advisor, with Novacap Asset Management acting as Investment Manager and Management Company.


We are performing most of the regulatory duties internally with our experienced team of specialists. Some functions such as central administration are delegated to recognized services providers. As requested by law, these counterparties are monitored on an ongoing basis by Novacap Asset Management (to read the law click on Read more).

Novacap Asset Management is the extended arm you were looking for in Luxembourg enabling you to remain focused on your core competencies.


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