KIID and other reporting

The Key Investor Information Document (KIID) is a mandatory requirement since July 2012. KIID provides an overview of your UCITS funds and it is written in a standardized format that is consistent in all European Union countries. It replaces the simplified prospectus, allowing an easy comparison between different products.

Novacap Asset Management’s tool allows efficient production and maintenance of your KIIDs, ensuring coherence among the different language versions.


The basic format is determined by following reguatory requirements:

  • According to ESMA 10-1321 the initial KIID is prepared and validated in cooperation with you
  • According to ESMA 10-673 our risk team calculates and documents your synthetic risk reward profile (SRRI) results
  • According to ESMA 10-674 the fee summary is estimated or calculated

Each yearly review challenges the previous year's calculation. According to your distribution strategy, we will include this KIID in the regulatory information package. If you are a self-managed UCITS, you could outsource your KIID preparation. On demand the production of your KIIDs can be a stand-alone service.


Our reporting services also include investor information document for AIF. Novacap Asset Management provides an AIFMD reporting service adapted to your requirements and our IT team delivers state-of-the-art layout.


Our tool can generate your monthly factsheets including your specific design and data requirements. In addition, this tool enables the publication of your periodical newsletters.