Risk Management

Novacap Asset Management’s services to fund managers includes risk management. The tools in place offer a wide range of risk indicators tailored to your risk profile, the asset class and the investment strategy for each of your funds.

Our experienced risk managers are qualified to implement all aspects of the regulatory requirements for most of the funds structures, including the supervision and tight monitoring of the delegated functions:

  • Identify the risk factors when drafting the prospectus
  • Calculate the SRRI when preparing the KIID for UCITS
  • Implement regular risk calculation for all UCITS and AIF vehicles
  • Prepare the counterparts and delegates monitoring
  • Process the ongoing risk management


In a nutshell, the risk management process is structured into identification, measurement, monitoring and reporting of risks.

Our risk managers commonly use stress tests in order to anticipate a market change. They simulate possible scenarios to estimate the best portfolio variations in specific hypothetic market conditions.


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