Independant Management Company Services

With the experience acquired over the years in the UCITS field, Novacap Asset Management aims to be a one stop solution for fund initiators looking to establish and develop a Luxembourg UCITS IV investment solution.


Within the limit of the laws and regulations in force, depending on their regulatory status and the country where they are regulated, we offer two possibilities. Fund initiator can act either as Investment Manager with Novacap Asset Management acting as a Management Company or as an Investment Advisor, with Novacap Asset Management acting as Investment Manager and Management Company.


We are performing most of the regulatory duties internally with our experienced team of specialists. Some functions such as central administration are delegated to recognized services providers. As requested by law, these counterparties are monitored on an ongoing basis by Novacap Asset Management (to read the law click on Read more).

Novacap Asset Management is the extended arm you were looking for in Luxembourg enabling you to remain focused on your core competencies.


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With a proven track record in the UCITS field, Novacap Asset Management is continuously extending its knowledge and the scope of services it offers to fund initiators.


The implementation of the AIFM Directive affects the organizational structure of alternative and non-UCITS fund managers.

We upgraded our offer to provide you a fully CSSF compliant AIFM solutions service range, in particular services related to risk management, monitoring of the depositary, pricing and reporting requirements.


We define together the scope of your fund creation project, the constraints, your timeline and your partners. Then we submit your application to our regulator, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).


We free you from all obligations resulting from this Directive once your fund is incorporated by processing the required monitoring and controls. As a consequence, our AIFM solution is ideal for fund promoters who want to establish a fund under this directive. The experienced team of risk managers, compliance officers and fund directors take care of all the challenges and obligations for you.


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Risk Management

Novacap Asset Management’s services to fund managers includes risk management. The tools in place offer a wide range of risk indicators tailored to your risk profile, the asset class and the investment strategy for each of your funds.

Our experienced risk managers are qualified to implement all aspects of the regulatory requirements for most of the funds structures, including the supervision and tight monitoring of the delegated functions:

  • Identify the risk factors when drafting the prospectus
  • Calculate the SRRI when preparing the KIID for UCITS
  • Implement regular risk calculation for all UCITS and AIF vehicles
  • Prepare the counterparts and delegates monitoring
  • Process the ongoing risk management


In a nutshell, the risk management process is structured into identification, measurement, monitoring and reporting of risks.

Our risk managers commonly use stress tests in order to anticipate a market change. They simulate possible scenarios to estimate the best portfolio variations in specific hypothetic market conditions.


Contact us for your risk management needs: [email protected]  

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The Compliance function aims to promote honest and ethical conduct. The objective is to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, rules and professional standards as well as with the Company’s Code of Conduct in order to protect the integrity of the financial market.

Its mission is based on the 6 following pillars:

  1. Engage in and promote business and professional ethical conduct
  2. Comply with laws, regulations, rules and professional standards
  3. Avoid any conflicts of interest
  4. Take all reasonable measures to protect confidentiality
  5. Protect the Company’s assets
  6. Protect the Client’s best interests


Novacap Asset Management’s compliance experts have a good and practical knowledge of the investment management environment, making our dialog smart and constructive:

  • In collaboration with the client, Novacap define the investment frame in compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • Prepare the investment compliance control matrix
  • Ascertain that the pre-trade investment compliance process is robust and efficient
  • Process the regular controls
  • Issue the compliance executive summary


Contact us for your compliance needs: [email protected]  

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Novacap Asset Management is working closely with experienced independent directors and skilled internal directors, bringing different skills, cultures and backgrounds in your Fund’s Board.


They are supported in their crucial responsibility by Novacap Asset Management who provides the necessary required information to ensure their independent analysis and decision process.


the directors perform the following functions:

  • Monitor the fund’s processes and the information flows
  • Verify that conflict of interests are monitored and avoided
  • Ensure that investors’ interests are preserved
  • Convene shareholders meetings
  • Coordinate and liaise with all parties to prepare the agenda and the pack for the board meeting
  • Organize the effective board meeting
  • Prepare and circulate the minutes
  • Monitor fund's compliance with the applicable legislation such as EMIR, FATCA, UCITS/AIFMD, legal provisions concerning AML etc
  • Ensure that the fund meets its obligation with respect to communications with the supervisory and legal authorities


Contact us for directorship mandates: [email protected]

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Distribution and Asset raising

Novacap Asset Management has the willingness to accompany your growth by contributing on your capital raising efforts. Our range of services covers:


  • Publication of your KIIDs and factsheets on this website
  • Definition of your clients segmentation
  • Review of your marketing documentation
  • Implementation and registration of your fund on selected Internet platforms
  • Outsourcing direct distribution to proven experts in third party marketing and local specialists
  • According to your distribution strategy, organization of the regulatory transmission of your fund documentation to your countries of registration using privileged local counterparties



With this comprehensive offer Novacap Asset Management offers you direct and indirect distribution solutions in Continental Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

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KIID and other reporting

The Key Investor Information Document (KIID) is a mandatory requirement since July 2012. KIID provides an overview of your UCITS funds and it is written in a standardized format that is consistent in all European Union countries. It replaces the simplified prospectus, allowing an easy comparison between different products.

Novacap Asset Management’s tool allows efficient production and maintenance of your KIIDs, ensuring coherence among the different language versions.


The basic format is determined by following reguatory requirements:

  • According to ESMA 10-1321 the initial KIID is prepared and validated in cooperation with you
  • According to ESMA 10-673 our risk team calculates and documents your synthetic risk reward profile (SRRI) results
  • According to ESMA 10-674 the fee summary is estimated or calculated

Each yearly review challenges the previous year's calculation. According to your distribution strategy, we will include this KIID in the regulatory information package. If you are a self-managed UCITS, you could outsource your KIID preparation. On demand the production of your KIIDs can be a stand-alone service.


Our reporting services also include investor information document for AIF. Novacap Asset Management provides an AIFMD reporting service adapted to your requirements and our IT team delivers state-of-the-art layout.


Our tool can generate your monthly factsheets including your specific design and data requirements. In addition, this tool enables the publication of your periodical newsletters.

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Launching your vehicle

Led by your relationship manager, our team gives full priority to the success of the launch.


  • Prepare the legal framework and requested documents
  • Organize the operational implementation
  • Define the information flow
  • Assist in preparing the sales materials
  • Establish the distribution channels
  • Ensure a smooth initial subscription
  • Coordinate with all the actors
  • Organise registration with FATCA
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Novacap Asset Management provides legal and operational assistance for the whole relocation process. As a fund manager, if you wish to distribute your fund in Europe, we transfer your offshore investment vehicle (e.g. located in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Jersey etc.) to Luxembourg in order to obtain the European distribution passport. Our experience in relocation allows us to offer a comprehensive solution adapted to your needs. From the early stage of the relocation process until the launch of your investment vehicle, we take care of all regulatory requirements and ensure the life of your fund.


Need for a Fund Services relocation?  Contact us: [email protected]

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Fund Management

Novacap Asset Management is a Luxembourg Management Company authorized under chapter 15 of the Law of 17th December 2010 and an Alternative Investment Fund Manager authorized under chapter 2 of the law of 12th July 2013.


Investment Managers operating under UCITS or AIFM directives are facing increasing regulatory responsibilities. Our specialization in fund structuring makes us the ideal partner for the launch of your fund in Luxembourg. Our experience with the financial sector supervisory authority (CSSF) is one of the key factors for your success. Additionally the fund industry’s growth increases its complexity, we will guide you to materialize a quick and tailored structure for your funds.

Partnering with us gives you the opportunity to benefit from our local network of lawyers, banks and administrators. They are crucial for the launch of your fund and their role is necessary to ensure its viability during the lifespan.

Our experience in the fund industry enables us to advise you for the best vehicle according to your needs: whether it is dedicated UCITS, AIF or SICAR.


As a third party Management Company, Novacap Asset Management is offering a full range of services and solutions related to fund management, which includes:

  • Independent Management Company Services
  • Alternative Fund Manager Services
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • AIFMD reporting, KIIDs and other reporting
  • Directorship
  • Distribution and asset raising
  • Relocation
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