Fund Hosting


The original activity of the company is the Sicav management; we also host funds or compartments to which we offer services such as:


The fund or compartment creation
We help our clients in the strategic definition of the structure, the selection of actors and the coordination of the launching or transfer. Our aim is to creat an accurate instrument, both precise and conform to regulation.

The operational management
We supervise the fund activity, make the connection with the broker, control the costs and pricing and also coordinate the different actors.

The supervision
Our team supervises the transactions in portfolio and the process of subscription – repurchase. We also deliver the performance reports.
The risk management
Our risk manager is in charge of measuring the risk depending on the investments and the analysis of Asset Allocation.

The global and independent view of conformity
We carry out the supervision of transactions, control the rules of investment, and assure the respect of anti-money laundering rules.